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How does it work?

You are new on EchangeLike and would like to know all the operation of the platform? Follow all these points and EchangeLike will have no secrets for you!

1. Registration / Login

a. Register
To use the EchangeLike platform, you need an account with a unique login (nickname).
Registration is done using your Facebook account: click on a login button (eg in navigation menu) and then validate the Facebook connection.

This Facebook connection allows EchangeLike to register very quickly and prepare your member profile with your public data: name, surname, email, language, profile thumbnail image...
It also limits the number of false accounts since a Facebook account can only be linked once to an EchangeLike account.

Once you have logged in to Facebook and after you have authorized EchangeLike to access your Facebook public data, you will need to choose a unique login (nickname) and password that will be associated with this account.

b. Login
You can choose between two connection methods at any time between:
I. Using login / email address
By choosing the "Nickname / Email" method, you can enter your unique pseudo that you chose when you registered, or the email address linked to your facebook account that was used to create your EchangeLike account.

Your EchangeLike password will then be requested to connect to the platform.
II. Using Facebook
By choosing the "Facebook" method, it is your Facebook account currently in use on this browser that will communicate the email address to EchangeLike in order to log in.
If you are not logged in to Facebook, a pop-up window will open and ask you to sign in, this process is 100% secure.

Your EchangeLike password will then be requested to connect to the platform.
c. Forgot your password
You do not remember your password?
You can ask to reset it by a request that will be sent to your email address using the following link: Lost your password?

2. Create / manage your publications

a. Create a publication
To create a new publication, go to "My Account" and then "My Ads", or by clicking the following link: My ads
Then click the button "Add Exchange Request".

An EchangeLike pop-up will pop and will show a multi steps form:
1. Title: Title of your publication that will be displayed, example: Facebook contest "Win a restaurant lunch"

2. Website: Which website is concerned? Choose from the list: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc...

3. Exchange type: What favour do you need to get? Choose from the list: Like, Share, Comment, Retweet, Follow, Vote etc...

4. Registration needed: If the website you choose is "Other", will the user need to register to that website?
If so, you will be able to define whether or not a "Facebook registration" prompt is possible.

5. Destination URL: Enter or paste the link (URL) of the website's page where you want to bring the user so that he can help you. Example: the contest page that concerns you, your Facebook page, your YouTube channel etc...

Special case: if you chose Facebook as website, after entering the URL address you can choose to use the "Quick Exchange" option .
Clicking "Use the option" will allow you to choose from multiple Facebook quick-exchange views (renders).
Choose the one that best suits you by ticking its corresponding box and the option will then be available on your publication!

Learn more about the quick exchange

6. Image: Give an overview to your publication by uploading an image, usually a screenshot of what the landing page looks like where you want to bring the user.

This will greatly improve your chances of getting help:

Note: Iif you can not load an image, you can ask EchangeLike try to do it for you using the button.

7. Instructions: Enter a clear and accurate message of what exactly you want the user to do to help you.

Examples: "Click on the red heart below the picture called Rocky please", or "Like this Facebook page and drop me a message, I vote back" etc...

8. Deadline (date to): If you want to anticipate an expiration date for your publication, enter here an end date that will automatically disable your EchangeLike publication on that date.

9. Preview before validation: This is a summary of everything you entered, you can go back on each step and edit if you wish.
b. Edit a publication
You can return to all of your publications options at any time by visiting "My Account", then "My Ads" and finally by clicking on The "Edit request" button of the publication(s) you want to edit.
c. Deactivate / reactivate a publication
On the "My Account" page, then "My Ads", click the "Enable" or "Disable" button in the publication table you want to activate or deactivate it.

3. Earn credits

In order to earn credits, you must browse through the publications of other members and help them. Each time you help a member, you will earn 1 credit which will automatically entitle you to 1 return favour of the same member or any other member of the community for any of your publications.

a. Browse other members' publications
There are several ways to quickly browse other member publications:
I. The publication's page
Accessible via a direct link (URL) or via "Open" buttons throughout the platform, this page contains all information about a member's publication.

Here is an example and a few explanations :

[1] Date the publication was created and if defined, its end date

[2] Links to the member profile page (click to access)

[3] Ad's title

[4] Language spoken by this member

[5] All information in the publication as described at the point 2.a

[6] Member statistics, sent and received exchanges and credits left

[7] Buttons that lead to the requested exchange for this publication. By clicking on it, you will open the destination link in a new tab and when you will get back to EchangeLike, you will be able to valider ou non l'échange and déposer un message au membre to alert your validation or cancellation.

[8] Report the request if it does not respect the general terms and conditions of use, see point 5.b

[1] Publication added on 2017/07/22


Statistics of this member's exchanges






Remaining credits:   20

[2] View profile


EchangeLike Facebook page : Like

View other publications of this member

Undefined (not set)
Deadline (date to)


I want to help this member

To validate your exchange, you must first open the link and give help to this member.

[7] Open the link

Click 'Yes' if you helped this member through this request.

You liked? 

You can revalidate this exchange by clicking the green button below.

You canceled the exchange! 

Click "Cancel" if you made a mistake or canceled your exchange.

You liked! 

II. Previous / Next publication
On any publication page (exchange request) and below all publication informations, you will find a summary of the previous publication as well as the following to the one you are visiting.

Here is an example and a few explanations :

[1] Links to this publication's page (click to access)

[2] Links to this member's profile page (click to access)

[3] Quick overview of publication's informations (Site, Type, Quick registration...)






III. Latest publications
The last published publications are visible on the homepage or on it's dedicated page " Latest publications ".
They are summarized in exactly the same way as in the previous point Previous / Next publication.

The dedicated page " Latest publications " contains all the publications grouped by 12 per page including pagination in order to navigate through their creation date.
IV. The profile page of a members
When you go to the member's profile page (point 5.a), you will find a summary of all its publications.

You can quickly and easily see the publications for which you have already helped or not, this allows you to quickly validate some additional exchanges if you wish.
b. Validate / cancel credit (exchange)
On the publication page you can validate/cancel an exchange using the following options:
I. Classic exchange
By clicking the buttons , you will access (in a new tab or new window) the destination where the member wants you to help him.

You decide whether to perform the requested action or not, then close this page and return to EchangeLike.

Back to the EchangeLike publication you will be able to validate or not this exchange via the following button:
You have validated? 

You have validated the exchange:
Click Yes, you will receive a confirmation of your exchange and then the button will appear
Click on this button and follow the instructions si vous souhaitez déposer un message au propriétaire de la publication (recommended).

You have not validated the exchange:
Do not do anything and go to the next publication, your exchange will not be taken into account.

Note: you will be able to cancel your exchange at any time (if so please send a message to the owner of this publication), or revalide it and so on...
II. Quick exchange (facebook)
For a publication whose site is Facebook and whose owner has configured it to use the quick exchange option, a button is visible on the page.

Click on it and a pop-up window will popen(command, mode) and will show a preview of the destination Facebook web page.

Imagine a like request for a Facebook page, click \"like\" if you want to validate the exchange and then close the modal window with the cross in the upper right corner.

Then, as for a classical exchange, validate it by clicking on:
You have validated? 

You can then submit a message to the member who owns the publication to notify him you have exchanged and ask for a return.

Note: if nothing is displayed, the quick exchange may be misconfigured, you can still use the classic way to validate the exchange.
c. Drop a message / proof to this member
After you have validated OR canceled an exchange on a publication, the \"Drop a message\" button appears so you can contact the publication owner to warn him.
The pop-up window that opens offers 3 steps (at least one must be filled in):
I. Send a text message
This text message is not used to request a return!
It is used to give indications which the owner of the publication may have requested in the instructions of the publication and/or to give an explanation of his request.

I voted for you, I am the 55th vote and my name is "Captain Haddock"
II. Send a screenshot
The screenshot is unquestionably the best proof of your exchange!
In this step, load your screenshot where you clearly show that you have validated the requested help and you have all your chances of having a return from that member!
III. Ask for a return
In this step, if you have an active publication on which you'd like some help in return, you can select it.
The member who will receive your message will then clearly see in his received exchanges that you want him to return a favour on the publication you have chosen.

4. Receive some help (use some credits)

a. Share your publication's link on the web
EchangeLike provides you with a unique URL (link) for all your publications.
Thanks to this, you can directly share your publications pages to increase your chances of getting help from any user who is a member of the EchangeLike community or not.

To find the URL of one of your publications:

Page "My Ads": go to "My Account" page and then on "My ads", or by using the following link: My ads
In your publications, find the one you want to share, and in the table entitled "Link to share", copy the apparent address.

Page de la publication : rendez-vous dans la barre d'adresse tout en haut de votre fenêtre et copiez/collez l'adresse URL afin de la partager.
b. View your received exchanges (and their messages)
The page is in "My account" and then in "My received exchanges" or via this link.

Whenever a member of the EchangeLike community reports that he helped you (green) or canceled (red), this exchange will be added or updated to your exchanges received list.
You can sort this list in chronological order from nearest to furthest or vice versa.

Message(s) linked to an exchange :
Each exchange comes with the history of its linked message(s). This history is not available if no message was dropped, otherwise it is ordered in a chronological order of the message from the most recent to the oldest.

Thanks to these messages you will be able to check that the exchange has been done and see if the member asks you for a favour in return.

Learn more about exchange messages
c. View statistics (credits remaining)
You want to know how many credits you have left? How many exchanges you sent and how many you received?

Simply go to the "My Account" page or with this link if you are logged in.


You receive 1 credit each time you give 1 help to another community member.
Whenever someone helps you, it uses 1 of your credits.

If you do not have enough credits left, all your publications are temporarily locked!

5. Other pages/features

a. The profile page of a members
On the profile page of a member, you can view its exchanges statistics as well as its remaining credits.
You can see the activity of this member: if he is trustworthy and if you can expect a return from him.

Below the statistics you will find a list of all the member publications, some details in summary and an indication if you have already helped for this publication (green), canceled the help you gave (Red) or if you have not yet done anything (blue).
You can then quickly open the publication and exchange if you have not already done so.
b. Report an incorrect publication
You came across a publication that does not respect our general terms and conditions of use?

Do not hesitate to report it using the button

By clicking on this button, a popu-p window will open and you will be prompted for a confirmation.
Confirm your report and an alert will be sent to the administrators of the EchangeLike platform.

If the publication does not respect the general terms and conditions of use, it will be locked and its owner will be sanctioned from a warning to a definitive ban from the community!

Note: abusive and unlawful reporting can also be sanctioned
c. Consult your sent exchanges (and their messages)
Just like on the page My received exchanges (point 4.b), you can view all the exchanges that you have validated or canceled yourself and the messages you have sent.

The page is in "My account" and then on "My sent exchanges" or by clicking this link.
d. The top members
The top of the members is visible on the homepage or on it's dedicated page " The top members ".
These are the 12 most active and reliable member of the EchangeLike community.

These members are trustworthy, do not hesitate to take a look at their publications to help them, so you are almost guaranteed to have a return!
d. Contact us
A question, a bug encountered, any notice, report abuse or a request of any other nature?
Contact us using the contact page and we will answer to your message as soon as possible.

Community-based mutual aid exchange platform of likes, shares, retweets, subscribers or any other free service on a social network or any other website from a user to another.

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