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General usage conditions

The EchangeLike mutual aid community platform is open to anyone who wishes to join it, but its use is subject to rules that must be followed, else we will apply a penalty of temporary or definitive exclusion.

1Platform Membership / Privacy

a. Register using Facebook b. Personal data

2Publications / exchanged messages

a. Responsibilities b. Prohibited Content c. Sanctions


a. Use of cookies

4Right of modification

a. Right to change conditions

1. Platform Membership / Privacy

a. Register using Facebook
Registering with EchangeLike is done using your Facebook account, it's the easiest and most secure way to recover your public personal data as well as ensure that all accounts created on EchangeLike are real accounts and not "robots" .

Thanks to this method, users who want to create more accounts to try to cheat or scam other members will be hampered by the security rules of Facebook which already block upstream a good part of the fakes accounts and cheaters.

When you sign up, we will ask you to choose an EchangeLike nickname and a password associated with it.
b. Personal data
The data we collect from your Facebook account is only a part of your public data.
We nevertheless ask for your consent as soon as you wish to register for the EchangeLike platform.

These data are: email address linked to the Facebook account, name, first name, spoken language, profile photo miniature and gender.

Your email address, last name and first name will never be communicated or visible to other members of EchangeLike or a third party.
Only your EchangeLike nickname, which you chose when you signed up, will be displayed.

Your email address linked to the Facebook account used for registration and therefore linked to your EchangeLike account will only be used by the EchangeLike platform to send alerts and notifications.
You can decide not to receive emails (optout) from us at any time.

2. Publications

a. Responsibilities
Any publication (exchange request) inserted on the EchangeLike mutual aid community platform is the responsibility of its owner.

EchangeLike shall not be liable for any publication that has racist, pornographic, violent, religious, extremist content or images or words or any other immoral, illegal or prohibited material.

The same applies to all private or public messages exchanged between or publised by members of the community.

EchangeLike asks its community to use the tool placed at its disposal the way a good parent would manage a family, any failure may be sanctioned by our administrators.
b. Prohibited Content
It is forbidden to publish or insert in any manner or medium whatsoever on the EchangeLike platform, content that is:

- pornographic or sexual or erotic
- violent or graphic in any possible form (verbal, physical, animal, human, harassment etc...)
- racist or inciting to racism
- religious, extremist regardless of religion
- making the apology for terrorism
- discriminatory against any sexual orientation or sex of a person (homophobia, misogyny etc...)
- discriminatory against any minority or physical
- politically incorrect

EchangeLike counts on all its members to report any publication or individual who does not respect these rules.
Any breach of this rule shall be sanctioned by our administrators.
c. Sanctions
As stated above, any breach of the rules of good conduct will be sanctioned by our administrators.
The sanction can vary from warning or publication lock or withdrawn to the definitive exclusion of the member.

EchangeLike reserves the right to take appropriate measures based on the member's history and the seriousness of his/her fault.

3. Cookies

a. Use of cookies
The EchangeLike platform uses cookies only to increase the level of quality of the website's user experience.
By creating an EchangeLike account you accept this use of cookies.

4. Right of modification

a. Right to change conditions
EchangeLike reserves the right to modify the general terms and conditions of use at any time and in all circumstances.
Community-based mutual aid exchange platform of likes, shares, retweets, subscribers or any other free service on a social network or any other website from a user to another.

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