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Mutual aid community platform

Echangelike, what is it?

EchangeLike is a mutual aid community platform born from an obvious observation: social networks are full of mutual aid groups of all kinds but membership, dishonest members or scammers, the monitoring of exchanges and notifications are a headache and waste a lot of time. Forget all these inconveniences, here you will help people and get as much help in return!

A system based on credits

Give 1 help to another member and receive +1 credit that allows you to receive 1 help in return from any member of the community.

Repeat this at will
as long as you have credits, you will receive help.

And that is 100% FREE!

Why a mutual aid platform?

You want to get likes, shares, comments, subscriptions or any other vote on social networks such as Facebook , YouTube, Twitter or even any other websites?

Do you want to increase your chances of win contests, have subscribers on instagram or just increase your visibility and brand awareness on the web?

You are having trouble and lose time to keep track of all those who "voted" for you or those to whom you helped on likes exchange groups or shares?

You are tired of dishonest people who do not return votes or likes in your exchanges or those who ask too much compared to the little help they give (email registration, double votes etc ...)?

EchangeLike helps you in all these aspects!

How does it work?

The highlights of EchangeLike

100% Free platform

Log in for free in only a few seconds with your Facebook account, submit your exchange request and use EchangeLike at will without any restrictions or payment request (no subscription).

Earn credits by helping other members and receive as much in return by all EchangeLike community.
give 1 help = receive 1 help in return

1 exchange = 1 credit = 1 return

No daily limits

Insert various requests, help people as many times as you want, and receive as many votes/likes/shares as possible every day, without any limitations!

EchangeLike connects real people, fake profiles and robots are not tolerated. You will be able to report them!

Real exchanges

Exchange with the whole world

Reach more people with EchangeLike's simple and multilingual interface that allows you to easily understand the expectations of any member, even those who speak another language.

A page, a comment, a group, a Facebook like? A YouTube channel? A tweet? A vote for a contest on any site?
Publish whatever you want while respecting the general terms and conditions of use and receive help from the EchangeLike community.

Publish any kind of content

Easily manage your publications

Keep an eye on all the received exchanges: read the messages and screenshots that other members left when helping you, or activate/deactivate or give an expiration date to your requests with just a few clicks.

Each of your exchange requests has a specific web address (URL): share it wherever and to whom you want to increase traffic on your ad.

Share your exchange request

Manage your exchanges

A user reports that he voted for you when he did not actually do it or he withdrew his vote a few days after? Report him!
EchangeLike does not allow or tolerate these behaviors and will punish cheaters/scammers!

Community-based mutual aid exchange platform of likes, shares, retweets, subscribers or any other free service on a social network or any other website from a user to another.

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